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Why do some approved PayPal show up in the Aborted Orders section?

When your customers pay at PayPal and then do not click back to your store (if they forget, or don't realize that they need to), you will receive an email from PayPal stating that the order has been paid for. However, since your customer did not click back to your store, our system will not know that the order has been approved. Hence it will show up on the aborted order section. Since you know that this order has been paid for, you can now go ahead and manually approve the aborted order.

PayPal introduced their "Auto Return" feature recently. With that, your customers are automatically brought back to your store without them having to click on the continue button. You are advised to turn on this feature.

To turn on Auto Return, just

1) Login to your PayPal account.
2) Click on "Profile" and then select "Website Payment Preferences" under the "Selling Preferences" column.
3) Make sure the "Auto Return On" radio button is selected.
4) Enter your site's URL (eg. as the "Return URL". Your store will automatically pass over the specific Return URL to use for each transaction, so what you enter here will not be used.
5) Click on "Save".
6) Make a test purchase via PayPal to confirm that things work as expected.

Category : Order Fulfillment
Author : terryo (Terry Ong)
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