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Using PayPal to Accept Credit Card.

Can PayPal accept credit card?

Yes, PayPal can accept credit card. Below would be the step to set it up. All this is done on PayPal's end, do login from there.
1) Click on My Account
2) Click on "Profile"
3) Click on "Website Payment Settings" under "Selling Preferences"
4) Scroll down to the section that says "Paypal Account Optional". Set to "On"
5) Empty cookies on his browser
6) Try checking out. It should show the form to either enter cc data or login to PayPal account
However, please note that once PayPal detects that you have logged in to a PayPal account before, then they'll automatically assume you have a PayPal account. Then it will NOT show that page. Instead, it'll show the normal login page.

Category : Payment Configuration
Author : valentine (Valentine Ch'ng)
Date : 13-03-2008 01:53AM
Edited by : valentine
Date : 08-07-2009 02:52AM

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