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Unable to get UPS shipping rates

I tried to make a transaction today.
But I have problems with the shipping charges.

An error message appears:

Sorry, we cannot continue your check-out process. This may due to several reasons:

We temporary lost connection to our shipment company and cannot obtain a correct rate for your shipment.
Your shipment address is out of our service area.

Please try to check-out again after 15 minutes and/or change your shipment address.

When I buy less qty the system works.

Why? Could you check this?

There are several reasons why this can happen.

1) Our server is unable to reach UPS's live rates servers for some reason. This could be a temporary connectivity problem on our or UPS' side. Network issues are normally only temporary and will be rectified.

2) The ship from you entered or more frequently, the ship to address your customer entered is outside UPS' service area.

3) The customer's total order is above the UPS weight limit for the service(s) you chose. UPS imposes a weight limit for most of their services. As such, if the customer's total order is above this weight limit, you will also get this message.

The solution: Set one or more shipping methods that do NOT use the UPS live rates module and set it as a \"backup\" shipping method. You can manually configure the backup shipping method so that is loosely matches the rates charged by UPS.

The backup shipping method will NOT be available for the customer to choose unless one or more of your \"normal\" shipping methods use UPS live rates and UPS is not returning a valid shipping charge due to any of the 3 reasons below. So, the backup shipping rate will show when UPS is unable to provide us with a suitable shipping rate. By having a backup shipping method, you can make sure that customers can still order even though there may be a temporary connection problem between our servers and UPS' servers.

Category : Shipping Configuration
Author : charlestang (Charles Tang)
Date : --

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