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Track Advertising Campaign

We are doing our advertising with
Please advise what the system can do and how to set it up.
Particularly, we would like to know if we can track sales by keyword and search engine.

You can use the "Advertisement Tracking" module to help you track your keywords. It will generate unique links for each keyword (or keyword group). You are supposed to use the link provided when adding the keywords to Overture.

With the ad tracking system, you will know how many people clicked through from Overture for each keyword (or keyword group, depending on how you configured it). Apart from clickthroughs, you will also know exactly how many orders and the order value each keyword/keyword group brought you. That way, you can compare it to your Overture cost for that keyword/group to weed out non-profitable ones.

The tracking system will also tell you how many new customer signups you received for each keyword/group. Note this may not tally with orders, since some visitors will register and decide to leave before paying. In addition, if you have the newsletter system activated, it will tell you how many new subscribers you received for each keyword/group.

The advertisement module is separated into different "campaigns". Typically, you would add a campaign for each search engine (one for Overture, one for Google Adwords, etc). Then within each campaign, you can add your marketing material (read keywords). So, add a campaign for Overture.

Once you've added a campaign, add the keywords as marketing materials. Just click on >Advertisement Tracking >Marketing Materials >Add. Once you have added the keyword, you will be given the URL to use at Overture. Note down that URL and make sure you use it when adding the keyword at Overture.

If you have a large number of keywords, it would be better for you to enter your keywords into a text-delimited file and upload it up to the store. Your store will then give you the URLs to use in a text-delimited file as well. To do that, click on >Advertisement Tracking >Marketing Materials >Upload. You will find an example of the text-delimited file on that page.

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Author : charlestang (Charles Tang)
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