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Shift Categories

I have sub category which I'd like to make a main category. How do I do that?

We have a Shift Category feature which will allow you to move your categories around. You can move one sub category from under one category to another. You can turn a sub category in to a main category and vice versa.

Just follow these simple steps to shift your categories:
1) Login to your store and make sure all changes have been published. This feature will not work if there are unpublished changes.
2) Then, on your left panel, go to Categories -> Shift Categories
3) Simply select the category you want to shift from the "Shift From" list and select the destination you'd like to shift the category to from the "Shift To" list.

Tags shift category, category, move category
Category : Miscellaneous
Author : desmond (Desmond K)
Date : 18-05-2017 05:01AM

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