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Setting Up Shipping Methods for Store

I want to configure the real time shipping methods for all countries? Where do I start?

Here's the steps to follow:

1) Determining your Target Market.

You will first have to determine which countries you would like to sell to. Check the boxes next to each country.

Click on Shipping > Manage > Target Market tab.

2) Determining the Shipping Zones.

You can set up the countries into different zones. You can group each zone to the type of shipping methods that you would like to offer the different countries. Say, if you only want to offer express shipping to USA and Canada, then you can group these 2 countries into the same zone.

Click on Shipping > Manage > Shipping Zone tab.

3) Determining the Shipping  Methods.

Now that you have the zones set up, next step is to set up the shipping methods. Say if you want to use UPS and USPS realtime, just call your methods, UPS and USPS. The shipping method names will automatically show up for you.

Continue with selecting which UPS/USPS service you want to use by selecting the services. Then just select the Zones that you want the services to be applied to.

Save up the configuration. '

Click on Shipping > Manage > Shipping Method tab.

4) Entering source address

Finally, you will have to enter the source address so that UPS and USPS will know how much to charge your customers. 

Click on Shipping > Manage > UPS/USPS tab.

Also, remember to enter the weight for your products so that the system can calculate the shipping price for the products.

Category : Shipping Configuration
Author : suisim (Sui Sim, Goh)
Date : 26-10-2008 04:24AM

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