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Setting Up Google Apps: Verifying My Domain  FAQ

I'm trying to set up Google Apps but when I try to verify my domain, I can't see the CNAME option. How do I continue and get Google Apps set up?

Google Apps will occasionally show different options besides CNAME for domain verification. First, make sure that you have all your accounts created before doing this. Then, to get the CNAME option for your domain verification and complete setting up your Google Apps mail:

1. Log into your Google Apps Administrator account.
2. Click the "Activate" email" link below the "Email" link.
3. At the "Set up email delivery" page, click the "verify domain ownership" link.
4. Choose the "Change your CNAME record" "Verify your domain ownership" option.
5. Google Apps will provide you with the CNAME record that it requires.
6. Copy that CNAME record.
7. Go to your store admin control panel, and click the "setup email" link next to your store domain.
8. Paste the CNAME record from #6 into the "CNAME:" field at the "Add CNAME Record" panel, then click the "Add CNAME Record" button.
9. This will set up all the necessary DNS settings that Google Apps requires.
10. Click the "Verify" button at Google Apps to verify your domain ownership.
11. Back at the Google Apps Dashboard, click 'Email -> Activate Email'.
12. Click the "I've completed these steps" button at the bottom of the page.
13. Click the "Email" link again at the Dashboard.
14. Click 'General -> Web address -> Change URL'.
15. Select the "mail.{yourdomain}" option (the 2nd one, usually) and click "Continue >>".
16. Click the "I've completed these steps" button at the bottom of the page (all of this was done automatically for you in Step #8).
17. Set up your mail clients if you use any:

Tags google apps, setup, domain verification, CNAME
Category : E-mail & Domain Names
Author : terryo (Terry Ong)
Date : 27-12-2010 11:12PM

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