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Setting Up Forwards in Google Apps  FAQ

How do I forward my mail using Google Apps?

There are 2 ways to forward your email with Google Apps, depending on whether you need to have a copy of the mail stored at the "intermediate" email address OR if you just need a pure forwarding account.

TYPE 1: Pure Forward

Use this if you want to have an email account, e.g., that only forwards to, but does NOT store any mails at the account itself.

To set this up with Google Apps, you should use the Groups feature:

1. Log into your Google Apps Administrator account.
2. Click the "Email" link.
3. Click the "Groups" tab.
4. Click the "Create a new group" link.
5. The "Group name" should be the name of the forwarding email address, "forward" in this example.
6. The "Group email address" should be the full forwarding email address, "" in this example (you only need to type "forward" as "" is automatically filled in).
7. The "Group description" can be whatever you want (it's optional).
8. Select the "Team" "Access level" and you MUST check the "Also allow anyone on the Internet to post messages" checkbox.
9. Click the "Create new group" button to continue.
10. At the next page, in the "Add new members" textarea, enter the email address (or email addresses) you want this account to forward mail to. In the case of this example, this should be "".
11. Click the "Add" (as "Member") button.

Once you've done this, all mail to will be forwarded to There won't be an actual account that you can check directly for mail.

-- OR --

TYPE 2: Account Forwarding

Use this method if you want to receive mail at BOTH the forwarding account as well as the destination account. e.g. If you want to receive and check mail at BOTH as well as
To set this up with Google Apps:

1. Create an account for
2. Go to your webmail URL for Google Apps, e.g. in this example.
3. Log into the account.
4. Click the "Settings" link at the top right-hand corner of the page.
5. Click 'Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP'.
6. Click the "Add a forwarding address" button at the "Forwardi
ng:" section.
7. Enter your forwarding email address in the box that "pops up", then click "Next".
8. Click "OK".
9. A confirmation email will be sent to your forwarding email address. You must click the link in the email or copy and paste the confirmation code that's sent into the Verify box at the Forwarding section, then click "Verify".
10. Once your forwarding address has been verified, you can now choose to "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" at the Forwarding section.

If you do not need to check mail at both accounts, then the Pure Forward approach is recommended.

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Category : E-mail & Domain Names
Author : terryo (Terry Ong)
Date : 27-12-2010 10:40PM

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