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Setting up different shipping methods for different products

What you need to do is to create a shipping group for it. You can click on the UPS/USPS link. Then look out for the option at the very top that allows you to create a new shipping group. That is what you need to do. Create a new shipping group. You currently should have 1 default shipping group and you need to create more for the different types of products that you have that requires different shipping methods.

You can go ahead and then modify your relevant product(s) to make it show under the new shipping group(s). Of course, you will then have to create new shipping methods for the newly created shipping group. :)

To do that click on Shipping > Shipping Method. Then from there you will be able to create a new shipping method for your new shipping group and then assign the zones to the new shipping method.

Category : Shipping Configuration
Author : suisim (Sui Sim, Goh)
Date : --

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