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Receiving virus e-mails

we keep getting numerious emails with worms going thru the mail server.... check logs... how can we fix....

The e-mails are not originating from our mail servers since the virus in question does not affect Linux servers, just Windows-based computers. You can read more about this virus by going to

This is a VERY popular virus and a large number of people have already been infected. The fact that you received the virus e-mails does not mean that you have been infected. It does mean, though, that the computers of your customers/friends/associates have been infected. I would advise you to have your antivirus software updated to ensure that your computer is not affected by this virus. As with most other popular viruses, you just have to "wait this out" until most people have installed antivirus software and cleaned the virus from their computers.

Category : Miscellaneous
Author : terryn (Terry N.)
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