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Real Time and Backup Shipping Methods

Is the UPS integration "real-time"? I know the UPS shipping website was down the past week and I wasn't sure if that has "disconnected" the integration with the new UPS program or not...???

The UPS and USPS rates calculation is realtime, packages contains shipping information is passed to UPS/USPS server and UPS/USPS will return packages which contain the shipping charges. If UPS is down, there will be no shipping method available at your store and your customer can't checkout. Therefore, we provide a backup shipping method. You can configure a shipping method and set it to backup. It should not be realtime UPS nor USPS. This backup shipping method will only be shown if all the existing (non-backup) shipping methods failed.

Category : Shipping Configuration
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
Date : --

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