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Do you have any documentation on how the point system works?  It isn't clear on the settings page, and I haven't seen any FAQ's on the subject.  For example, 2 questions off the top of my head is how do you redeem points, and is the shipping amounts included if you award points by dollars spent?  I have other questions, but if you have some documentation that would help.

Here's how the Points System works.

Configuring the Points Reward System
1) Under Reward Point System, click on the Configure Button.
2) You can set it up in different ways. You can set so that points will be given Per Order Value i.e. how many points earned based on how much spent, Per Order i.e. a fix amount earned on each order no matter how much you spend, Quantity Ordered i.e. based on the number of items added to cart and lastly, Per Product i.e. each product will have different points.
3) If you selected the last option, you will have to modify each product and then add on points to it.
4) For your shipping question, you can set it up however you want it. You can include shipping in the points calculation or without.

Now that you have your Points System configured, then the next thing is the Items that your customers can redeem. This can be from your existing products or newly added products which is mainly just for redemption.

When adding/modifying your product, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a section i.e. Point System. You can set for the product to purely for Sale, purely for Redemption or Both.

Now that you have got your list of redemption items, when your customer logs in to their account, they can click on the link to view the redemption products that are available. If the products are also for sale, then they can redeem it if they have enough points when adding them to cart.

Category : Points System
Author : suisim (Sui Sim, Goh)
Date : 27-06-2007 06:10AM
Edited by : suisim
Date : 28-06-2007 03:27AM

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