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Hi can you tell me again how to point the domain to my website?

Depending on your domain registrar, this process may be different. Log on to your domain regisrars website and find out how to 'Change DNS servers'. Then make sure your domain name points to our DNS servers as listed below. Some registrars require you to enter the DNS Server Name and also the DNS Server IP address, while others just require you to enter the DNS Server Name.

If you have not yet registered this domain name, please register it. When registering your domain name, your registrar should ask for your Primary & Secondary DNS servers. Please use the information below.

Primary DNS Server Name:
Primary DNS Server IP:
Secondary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server IP:

Category : E-mail & Domain Names
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
Date : --
Edited by : valentine
Date : 26-03-2008 11:33PM

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