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Personal Wholesaling

I need to have two different price to my products one price for B2B and one price for end customers B2C. How can I solve this isue?

You can actually set up the wholesale function. There are 3 types of wholesale functions:
-Personal Wholesale Pricing
-Quantity Bulk Purchase
-Quantity Bulk Purchase Upon Approval

If you want to have different prices for customers, you can use personal wholesale pricing. Here, you can set up to 9 different prices for your customer.

Customers who want to have non-retail price, they have to have their wholesale application approved. You would need to set their price levels (1 - 9) according to your products.

Let me give you an example:
product XYZ:
price0 - $100
price1 - $95
price2 - $80

Customer A is a retail customer, s(he) will view price0 which is $100.
Customer B is customer with price level 1, s(he) will view price1 which is $95.
Customer C is customer with price level 2, s(he) will view price2 which is $80.

Category : Managing Products
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
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