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Packing Slip

I modified the shipping, subtotal and the grand total.  When I go to print out the packing slip the new shipping shows but the updated subtotal and the grand total are not showing.  On the admin screen it shows the new grand total.

The packing slip subtotal and grandtotal are the sum of the order items at the packing slip. As the system actually allow you to select the item to be printed on the packing slip, the subtotal and grandtotal must be recalculated.

If you want to print out selected items for a packing slip, you must configure the The packing slips prints items as "selected". After the configurations, when you click on print packing slip, you will have a choice to select items to be printed.

Do try it out.

Category : Miscellaneous
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
Date : --

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