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Own SSL Certificate  FAQ

When a customer goes to a secure page (https) such as the "Checkout" or "Contact Us" page, it displays "instantestore" in the URL bar instead of my domain.  How do I get my domain to display instead, so it'll look more professional? 

Our domain is displayed on your store's secure pages instead of yours because your store is using our shared SSL certificate to secure sensitive information on those pages.

To have your own domain displayed instead, you'll need your own SSL certificate. Before you can purchase an SSL certificate, we'll to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for you.

The information we need to generate the CSR are as follows:

Country Code (eg. US/AU/CA):
Full State/Province Name:
Locality Name (eg. City/Town):
Organization Name (company name):
Organizational Unit Name/Department (optional):
Secure Host Name (eg.
Contact E-mail Address: should be admin@, administrator@, postmaster@, hostmaster@ or webmaster@

You may purchase your SSL from us.

Here's the price list:
$50/1 year
$90/2 years
$120/3 years

You can also purchase your own SSL Certificates from:

Please make sure you choose "Apache + ModSSL" when purchasing the SSL cert. Once you get the SSL cert, attach it to a ticket we will install it for you.

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