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Optimum Size Of Product Images  FAQ

What should the optimum size (dimension and file size) of product images be? Could you recommend a free online image editor and image optimizer/compressor? 

Our system will resize your product images accordingly so you should always upload your best optimized-for-the-web images.

Upload your best optimized image (1000px X 800px - if it's a landscape, 800px max height - if it's portrait or 800px X 800px - if it's a square). These dimensions will allow your blow up images to appear on most monitors without the need to scroll to view the full image (when product image is clicked to enlarge). The image will be resized accordingly to suit the product page and product listing layout automatically.

Try to keep the file size of best images to a maximum 300KB. 

Optimized images will ensure faster page loads. You do not want to keep visitors (especially Google) waiting for your images to load.

Bonus tip 1: This simple tip will keep your store looking professional, clean and easy on the eyes. Simply keep the aspect ratio for your product images the same throughout or stick to a single format - square, portrait or landscape - for your images. It makes a world of difference. 

Bonus tip 2: Use these free tools to edit and optimize your images for the web.
Image Editors

Image Optimizers


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Category : Miscellaneous
Author : desmond (Desmond K)
Date : 16-05-2017 05:14AM

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