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Missing PayPal Order on Admin Control Panel


I have another customer that has placed an order through PayPal and their order is not showing up in our Order data base. I think the last time I new that this happened and emailed you guys about the problem, I was told that the problem was because the customer didn't click back to Handbag Haven from the PayPal payment confirmation or something. But their money for the order is still charged to their paypal account and deposited in ours, and the customer thinks we received the order in our data base, but we don't even know about their order so we don't fulfill it.

I don't quite understand what is happening to cause their paypal account to send us payment, without our Order data ever showing an order for the customer. What is happening, and what can we do to prevent this from happening?? I only knew about the one today because I am corresponding with the customer via email. The customers name is Rachelle Dalton, just in case that helps with anything.

Thank you for your attention on this matter,

Chad Holland

-The Handbag Haven Team-
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Hey, Chad. Like the new support system? :) Anyway, let me just explain how this all works for you.

1) Your customer adds on the item to his cart. Decides to check out and pay via PayPal.
2) At this point, he will be given a temporary Order ID which is the Invoice ID that you see on the PayPal email. There is actually 2 order tables at the moment - one is Temp Order Table and the other Order Table (for real orders that are approved).
3) When he is transferred to PayPal, the order ID that is transferred to PayPal's server is the Temp OID.
4) Upon completion of the payment, your customer is expected to click back to your store to complete the order. This is when the PayPal system will inform our system that the order has been approved. Only then will the real Order Table be updated. You will notice that the OID all in the same sequence and the Invoice ID from PayPal may differ from the actual Order ID.

That is the reason why PayPal does inform you about the order and the money is deposited into your account as your customer has paid at PayPal's.

You can actually manually approve the order when this happens. Just go to

Hope this helps to explain things, Chad.

Sui Sim, Goh
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Author : suisim (Sui Sim, Goh)
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