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Linking Directory

Linking directory allows visitors to add their link to your site (upon approval) and in return add on your link to their site too.
The main benefit of linking directory is to help promote your store.
This is how you can set up your linking directory.

Step 1) Activate the Linking directory and configure the Link Set and Category

1)Go to Store Administration> Activate/Deactivate > Feature
2)Scroll down till the bottom where you will see Linking Directory and set "Activate Feature?"  to "Yes".
3)If you want to approve the request before adding the link on your site, set "Do you want to auto approve requester ?"  to "No".
You can also set the timespan they have before their request is rejected.
4)Once you are done, click on "Change Features".
5)Click on "View linking Directory" button.
6)Then click on "Add Link Set".
Here you can set the link name you want to appear on their site, the URL and a short description about your site.
You can add more link set. The site URL you added will be randomly selected and allocated to the linking directory requesters once their requests have been approved.
7)Click on "Linking Directory Main Page"
8)Then click on "View Linking Directory Category".
You can add some category name here. Linking directory category enable visitors to choose the category that is relevant for them to add their site URL.

Step 2) Add the generated code to your borders.

Now you will need to Go to Tools> Useful tools
Scroll down till you see Linking Directory Code (URL) and click on "select" button.
Copy the code generated and click on Customize Further link. Paste the code on either on the left or right border's additional html section.

A visitor will be click on this link and request to add their link to your store.
Once you approve their request, they will be sent an email to add on your link to their site in return.

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Author : thila (Thila)
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