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Limit Discount Coupon Usage To Once PER CUSTOMER

On the Discount Coupon page in the valid field, if I put 1, does that mean that the code can only be used one time only or 1 time per each customer? I wanted to create one discount code to give to my newsletter subscribers in their next newsletter and only want each of them to use it on their next order only. So is creating one and entering 1 in the valid field what I need to do? Thanks!

Unfortunately, the discount coupon system doesn't track how many times EACH CUSTOMER uses the coupon. It only tracks how many times the coupon has been used as a total.

It was actually designed to accommodate offers like ".... valid for only the first 500 customers!".

However, I can appreciate what you're trying to achieve. There are two ways to nearly get what you want:

1) Add a discount coupon with a expiration date that is not that far into the future. Then tell your customers to use it by that date. This will increase your orders and also more or less limit the number of times your subscribers can use the gift cert (by the expiration date)

2) If you're sending the offer to existing customers (not newsletter subscribers), you can go to the Manage Customers section and search for your customers. Select all of them and choose the "Send Gift Cert" button. This allows you to create a new gift certificate for EACH customer. Since a unique gift certificate is generated for EACH customer, each of them can only use it once. You'll need to temporarily edit the gift certificate automatic e-mail text FIRST by going to "Customize Automatic Emails" under "Design/Customization". Here, you'll enter the text you want to appear in the e-mail sent to your customers.

Sui Sim, Goh
eCommerce Made Simple

Category : Miscellaneous
Author : suisim (Sui Sim, Goh)
Date : 26-10-2008 04:44AM

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