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Introduction to the Super Affiliate Module

The super affiliate module allows you to create super affiliate stores for your affiliates. A super affiliate store is an InstanteStore that mirrors your store's (designated as the "master" store) categories and products. The categories and products of your super affiliate stores will be the same ones that are currently in your store, with your prices and settings. Super affiliates will not be able to create new products of their own at their stores. Customers who register at your super affiliate stores will "belong" to your store and not the super affiliate stores, and orders at the super affiliate stores will be sent to you, not your super affiliate. Your super affiliate will have a reduced set of administrative functions, basically that allows them to configure the look and feel of the store (e.g. by changing the template, and adding marketing materials as custom pages, etc.). Super affiliates will also have access to the affiliate statistics. The responsibility of managing the super affiliate store customers and orders will be handled by the master store merchant. Generally, the point of the super affiliate module is to allow you to have another avenue for marketing your products.

Your super affiliate stores will be able to point their own domains, which can be independent of your store. e.g. if your store is, your super affiliate store can be, for example, or something else. Your super affiliate will also be assigned a catch-all domain email address after pointing his/her domain to receive emails directed to his/her store. You, as the master store, will be assigned 5 fixed email addresses in order to handle customer inquiries or order-related correspondence.

Super affiliates will apply for the super affiliate module in a similar fashion to regular affiliates once you've configured the super affiliate module. Instead of applying to be regular affiliates, they will apply to be super affiliates. Once you've approved their applications, you can then proceed to create super affiliate stores for each of your super affiliates. They will be sent the relevant admin information via email once their stores are created.

In order to activate and use the super affiliate module, InstanteStore will charge you US$20 per month. You will be charged a further US$19.97 per month per super affiliate store. InstanteStore will charge these fees to your existing credit card. For example, if you have activated the super affiliate module, and have created 1 super affiliate store, you will be charged an additional $US20 + US$19.97 = $39.97 per month. If you have 2 super affiliate stores, the additional charge will be US$20 + 2*US$19.97 = US$58.94 per month, etc.

After activating super affiliate module, when the customer applies to become an affiliate, they will have the option to become a super affiliate. After approval, the affiliate needs to purchase a "super affiliate store" (product) from your store. You will need to track the payment before creating super affiliate store for the affiliate. You can set the name and price for your "super affiliate store" (product). You would need to publish your store after the configuration. So basically the way that pricing works is that you pay InstanteStore a fixed additional amount per month depending on the number of your super affiliate stores, and you manage how much you charge your super affiliates independently.

You can temporary suspend the super affiliate store and unsuspend it later. The monthly fee charges will still apply to Suspended stores. If one of your super affiliate stores is not doing well, you can cancel the super affiliate store. Cancelled stores will be auto deleted from the system.

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Author : terryo (Terry Ong)
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