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I'd like to set up a goal in Google Analytics to measure our conversion rates.  I need to give Google the URL to the checkout success page.  However, since this page is SSL secured and I'm using the shared SSL certificate, this page is not part of my domain name.

My normal domain name is in the format while the URL of our checkout success page is https://www*******/final_payment_online.cfm

So, how would I set up a Google goal for this?  Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

Yes, you can set a Google goal even if you're using our shared SSL certificate. Here's how to do so.

1) Login to your InstanteStore account and click on the "Website Statistics" link under the "Statistics" section. Then immediately click on the "Change Google Analytics Configuration" button on the next page.

2) Check that your Google Analytics code is properly entered and make sure both the "Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking" and "Enable Google Analytics Multiple Domains Support" are checked.

3) Login to Google Analytics and create a goal.

4) Choose "Head Match" as the "Match Type".

5) For "Goal URL", enter "/final_payment" without any quotes. That'll track any completed checkouts no matter which payment method your customers use.

6) That's it, really. Now that your store's Google Analytics code is already set to include "multiple domain support", it'll track across your domain as well as the secure www** domain.

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Category : Miscellaneous
Author : charlestang (Charles Tang)
Date : 07-02-2011 03:22AM

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