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Hi there,

When we search the following:

'' on Google it finds our website but when we change this to 'Pages from the UK', we disappear.

I know you are not based here but as Predator Nutrition ( is found on UK searches I thought that our sites would be to. This is kind of important to us - how can we get this sorted?

We currently have, and soon to have with yourselves. Next month we will be beginning to promote the sites but if we Google thinks we are a foreign site then it will be impossible for us to even compete on search engine results because of the high level of competition.

Hopefully there is a way around this because it will be a nightmare having to start afresh elsewhere after putting in all this work :/

Kind Regards,


Hi there Rob,

How are you doing?

Do not fret, you can easily remedy the situation by tweaking your site's Geotargeting settings on Google in more or less 7 steps. Here's how you do it.

1 - Go to Google Webmaster Central ( and Sign In via a Gmail account. Create an account if you don't have one already.

2 - Click the Add Site button on the page and key in your site's URL.

3 - On the Verify Ownership page, select 'Add a meta tag to your site's home page' and then copy the meta tag displayed.

4 - Next, login to your store, select View Store on your admin panel and click Edit Page. Paste the meta tag you just copied into the box next to where it says Extra Head Tags. Save changes and publish. 

5 - Go back to the Verify Ownership page on Google Webmaster Central and click Verify.

6 - At the Dashboard page, click the Site Configuration link on the left and then click Settings.

7 - Now at Geographic target section, click the 'Target users in' check box and select United Kingdom. Click Save and you are done.

It takes a few weeks for the changes to take place as Google needs to sort out the backend process.


Tags Geotargeting, Google Webmaster Tools
Category : Miscellaneous
Author : desmond (Desmond K)
Date : 27-10-2010 07:09AM
Edited by : desmond
Date : 28-10-2010 12:11AM

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