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External Downloadable Files

How can I store my digital download on another server rather than being downloaded from your server? Also if I wanted to change the page to a different URL every 24hrs so it would expire how could I do that?

There are actually 2 ways that you can do this.

1) Direct link, you can enter the direct url link to your file.

2) If you want to do more checking, you can use "External Link validate using Url variables" function.

You can specify a keyphase for each file. We will hash the keyphase and the Order ID and pass it to the url that you specified as url variables along with Order ID and File Name.

At your end, you can have an intermediate page for validation.

- check if 3 url variables are passed, Key, OID and FileName
- check if the Key variable passed is the hash(keyphaseOID)
- if everything is fine, you can allow customer to access the File.
- extra: You can use your own tracking to limit the number of access by the customer.

Sample External Url:
Sample Keyphase: UIO*()^SD
Eg:{hash(UIO*()^SD{OID})}&OID={OID}&FileName={File Name}

{hash(UIO*()^SD{OID})}, {OID} and {File Name} will be replaced by real values.

You can modify the product's downloadable link either manually or using batch modify in order to change the url. However, this will appear for all new and old orders.

If you want to make the link to expired for a particular order, you can do some checking at your intermediate page. :)

Category : Managing Products
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
Date : --

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