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Downloadable Pins/License Files

How we could load pins into the system and have it where the customer can download them when purchasing as a wholesaler?

You would have to add the product using Downloadable Mode. These fields need to be set:

Product Downloadable: Yes
Enable Instant Download: Yes (Once your customer has successfully paid for their order, your store will automatically let your customer to download it)
Unique Pin/License/File Download: Yes

At the Upload Pin Or License Files For downloadable page, you would have to upload your pins here. For "Download Type" you can choose to have Pin or License/Files. A pin can only be displayed once, a customer can have up to 5 attempts in downloading a license/Files.

If you chose to have Pins, you can upload all your pins in a .txt file, please get the sample from

If you chose to have license/files, you would need to zip all the files and upload and unzip it to the store.

After you customer purchased the product, if the product is an instant downloadable product, there will be a link at the confirmation page which lead to the downloadable of the pin/files.

On the other hand, if the product is not instant downloadable, after the payment is approved, your customer will receive an email which has a link to the download.

Category : Managing Products
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
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