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"configure order Status" ?????????/


I am really confused about the function of the following:

From Admin Control Panel, click on "configure order status" under Manage Orders. When I click on it, I get a bunch of (8 to be exact) "Below are a set of predefined order status which you can modify" options to modify.

When I click on Edit next to 5), for example, it shows up text that I entered through:

Customize Automatic Emails
Order Track Update.

What is the relationship between these two? PLUS, order received, order order sent, order completed, etc... all of them read the same text once I tick the box that reads "Check here to modify update order tracking email." I don't understand what the Status ID is, why I have to fill in the rectangular box next to it and then tick the "Check here to modify update order tracking email." box below and on top of it, why I go to the same interface upon doing this as the customize automatic emails page. Besides, what is the relationship, say, between "modify Payment method (#50) and chargeback (#51) and the box I have to tick that says "Check here to modify update order tracking email".

When I go and change text through this "configure order Status" thing, does it affect the text I previously configured through the customize automatic emails and override them?

Firstly you will need to understand what the Order Status is for.

We do have a predefined set of status. This is for you to use when you're working on your order. Say when an order comes in and it's already been paid for, then the status will show, Completed. Processing or something to that effect.

Some merchants have warehouses and different employees working on the orders. Hence that is why they need different status to note the order. Also, it's for you to use to update your customers as well. Say if you have shipped the order, then you can update the Order Tracking and then enter the details of the order. When your customer logs in to their account at your store, they will be able to see it.

Moving on, whenever you update a order, you will see that you can select if you want to send out an email to the customer. If you want to send it, then you check the box. However, by default, all   order tracking email will be saying the same thing. If you want for it to mention different content depending on the various stages, then you will need to customize the text that is there.

Category : Order Fulfillment
Author : suisim (Sui Sim, Goh)
Date : 27-07-2007 03:31AM

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