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Configure Order Packing Slips Template

Could you erase the logo in the Order Packing Slips?

All you need to do it to download the packing slip template at MANAGE YOUR SALES> Order Packing Slips> Configure. Right click on "Download", save target as if you are using internet explorer. You can use any html editor to modify the html template, please do save the modified copy as .htm. You would have to upload your modified .htm template at configure order packing slips.

Removing items or rearranging fields at the template is not a problem, you can even have your own layout. Basically, the system will replace the {placeholders} with the real values. Please be reminded that you should not have value between your {placeholders}. {xxxplaceholdersxxx} will not be recognized by the system.

If you do not want to show logo, just remove <img src="{logo}">.

If you want to hard code your own Store Name and address, just replace {Store_Name} with your store's name and address.

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Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
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