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Batch Upload Fields

Could you please give me a file that is ready to be uploaded or more info?

You can get the sample .txt file ready to be uploaded from the batch upload function. First of all you must have the categories ready.

Explanation for the fields:
Product_Name - product's name

Manufacturer_No - manufacturing code (optional)

Product_Price - numeric/text (eg: Call for quotation)

Product_Description - product's desriptions

Description_Contains_HTML - yes (html description)/no(plain text)

Small_Image - thumbnail image name (.gif/.jpg) (optional)

Large_Image1 - image name  (.gif/.jpg) (optional)

Charge_Shipping - yes (Shipping is charged)/no (No Shipping)

Shipping_Weight - if Charge_Shipping = yes, enter a numeric weight for the product

Product_Taxable - yes (if product is taxable)/no (No tax)

Main_Category - 1st level category's name

Sub_Category - 2nd level category's name

SubSub_Category - 3rd level category's name

SubSubSub_Category - 4th  level category's name

Drop_Shipper - If the supplier/drop shipper is activated and this product is from a supplier/drop shipper, enter the drop shipper name (optional)

Activate_Product - yes (this product is available)/no (this product is not available)

Minimum_Order_QTY - numeric value, customer must buy a minimum qty for this product, default is 1

Category : Managing Products
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
Date : --

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