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Batch Add Products And Images

I have a question. Is there any way I can upload JPGS, Descriptions, and prices, in batch files?

You can upload your product details using Batch Add Product function. For images, use Batch Small/Large/Blowup. You can also resize your batch images from Blow up to Large and Small or from Large to Small.

Click on "Products > Add/Edit", after that click on "Bulk Upload(Add)" tab.

To upload product details file, click 'Upload Product Details'. Click 'Upload Large Product Pictures' to upload zip files that contains images for your large product.

The sample batch upload spreadsheet file is available at the batch upload section, you can take a look at it.

If you like to resize Large Image to Small Images, you can specify both the fields (Large_Image1 and Small_Image) with the same name. At the batch upload Large Image, just select the resize to small images checkbox.

We strongly recommend you to using to convert the spreadsheet to .csv file. You can download a free version from This software is pretty easy to use.

:) Do try it out.

Attached File : product_upload_sample.csv
Category : Managing Products
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
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Edited by : valentine
Date : 10-02-2009 01:33AM

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