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Activate Top Seller

How do I activate the Top Seller Option?
I can't figure out the HTML option...
I'm not a web designer :(

No worries if you don't know html :) You can actually activate the topseller feature at your store and the topseller will automatically showed up at your store.

Just go to MANAGE YOUR STORE > Activate/Deactivate Features. Under the top seller section, choose to activate the feature, select the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) that the top seller will be updated. Then, enter the quantity of total top sellers.

On the other hand, if you want to show your own topseller with images at the borders, just use the steps below.

- Upload the product image using Additional Images and get the path to the image by using view function. Besides, if you want to use existing product images, just right click on the existing product's images to get the path.

- Go to customize further, click on Edit Left/Right. At the Extra Html textarea, enter the code below.

Gentle Daily Face Wash
:. juicy lip balm

Sample Code:
<a href="pd_gentle.cfm"><img src="prod_images_small/dailywashsmall.jpg" border="0"></a><BR>
<a href="pd_juicy.cfm"><img src="prod_images_small/ACFIJNg2V.jpg" border="0"></a><BR>

Category : Managing Products
Author : sokyi (Sokyi Lee)
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